Worst design failure of 2022 so far

We’ve seen some great designs so far in 2022, but we’ve also seen terrible design failures. From an ill-placed joystick to an unintentionally gory logo and oddly missing movie title, we’ve seen plenty of oversights and mistakes, even from Apple – usually the epitome of polished design. .

Whether it’s product design or logo design, success requires lots of iterations and seeking lots of second opinions. And even with that, there’s still the potential for a lot of people to be unhappy, especially on Twitter, where people are unforgiving of even the smallest design blunders. You can see some timeless examples in our roundup of design failures that were so bad they’re good and the worst logos of 2022 so far.

The Sonic Controller

Nintendo Switch Sonic Controller

Sonic is thrilled with his new movie (Image credit: Hori)

First on our list of the worst design failures we’ve seen so far this year is this rather maximalist Sonic Controller. Video game controllers come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve seen shocks over the years – the Gucci Xbox collaboration comes to mind. Now, in time for the new Sonic movie, Hori has announced a Sonic-themed Nintendo Switch controller, and the design is anything but minimal.

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