iLoveMemphis rapper arrested at Miami block party and charged with multiple counts

The “Hit the Quan” artist allegedly called officers names like “p*ssy ass” and “immigrant” during his arrest. iLoveMemphis may have turned a little too much this weekend. According to a police report obtained by TMZthe “Hit the Quan” rapper left a Miami block party on Saturday in handcuffs after approaching officers shirtless, garbling his words … Read more

“We never put women there”

He listed some household names for his top three picks before returning to creating Hip Hop for his last. Ja also took the time to praise Lil Kim’s legacy. Despite the teasing he receives online and the Fyre Fest controversies that haunt him, Ja Rule’s legacy in hip-hop is worth celebrating. The New Yorker helped … Read more

Ray J Thinks He’ll Always Be With Kim Kardashian But She ‘Stole My Family’

In 2008, Kim and two of her siblings were sued for allegedly using Brandy’s credit card to make unauthorized purchases totaling over $120,000. He’s done his best for the past few years not to talk about his time with Kim Kardashian, but after the recent controversy involving a second sex tape, Ray J is sharing … Read more

Week-long break from Depp, Heard party has downsides for both parties

Legal experts say Johnny Depp’s lawyers received a gift when his defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard was halted this week. But some also noted that the break could give the Heards a boost, as jurors have several days to chew on his harrowing testimony. Without immediate cross-examination to challenge his credibility, Heard’s story is … Read more