Russia bombs vital Ukrainian port of Odessa, Mariupol plant

ZAPORIZHZHIA, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces pounded the vital port of Odessa, Ukrainian officials said Tuesday, in an apparent effort to disrupt supply lines and arms shipments. Across the southern coast, they’ve hammered a steel mill where Ukrainian fighters are denying Moscow full control of another critical port. Days after the dramatic rescue of what … Read more

Crucial NATO decisions expected in Finland and Sweden this week

STOCKHOLM (AP) — To join or not to join? The question of NATO arises this week in Finland and Sweden where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shattered the long-held belief that staying out of the military alliance was the best way to stay out of trouble with their giant neighbor. If the Finnish President and the … Read more

AP interview: Lithuania FM calls for regime change in Russia

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lithuania’s top diplomat said Monday that removing Russian President Vladimir Putin from power was the only way to protect the West and its allies from future threats from Moscow, calling for an even tougher stance than that of the United States and many NATO allies. continue since the invasion of Ukraine by … Read more

Ukraine has accused Russian soldiers of using rape as a weapon of war. These two women say justice is hard to come by

One of the women – who said her husband was murdered by Russian troops on the night of the rape – left her hometown in the Brovary district to save herself and her teenage son from further suffering. The other woman stayed and is asking the Ukrainian authorities for justice. CNN spoke with the women … Read more

Biden signs Ukraine bill and asks for $40 billion in aid, in Putin’s retort

WASHINGTON (AP) — Washington has sought to present a united front against the Russian invasion of Ukraine On Monday, as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan measure to revive the World War II “Lend-Lease” program that helped defeat Nazi Germany to bolster kyiv and its Eastern European allies. ‘East. The signing comes as the US … Read more

Odessa under new missile attacks

People remove the statue of Ukrainian philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda from the destroyed Hryhoriy Skovoroda Literary Memorial Museum in Skovorodynivka, Ukraine on May 7. (Ricardo Moraes/Reuters) Last Friday, the historic home of treasured Ukrainian poet and philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda was destroyed by a Russian artillery strike, along with a museum of his work. Skovoroda’s house was … Read more