Tach Pollard’s wooden figures with elongated, curved bodies are rooted in myth and lore


#mythology #sculpture #wood

All images courtesy of Tach Pollard

Oxford-based artist Tach Pollard (previously) allows the sinuous shapes of hawthorn or oak branches to guide the shapes of his fantastical figures. The lanky creatures stand on long limbs with hunched shoulders and curved backs, characteristics determined by the original curve of the wood. Based on legends such as the Norse Eddas, the Mabinogion and the Icelandic sagas, the carvings are mysterious and minimal. Pollard tends to leave the natural color and grain of the material intact for their faces and burns the rest to achieve the deep black char. that envelops their characters. You can shop available pieces on Etsy and follow the artist on Instagram to stay updated on future releases.

#mythology #sculpture #wood

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