Sherri Shepherd on Wendy Williams Doesn’t Watch Her Show

Sherri Shepherd understands.

When asked during an Instagram Live over the weekend if Wendy Williams said in an interview that she wouldn’t be watching Shepherd’s new daytime talk show, Sherriwhen it debuts in the fall, Shepherd said she’s not upset about it.

Sherri Shepherd says she's not mad that Wendy Williams doesn't watch her show.  (Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Sherri Shepherd says she’s not mad that Wendy Williams doesn’t watch her show. (Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images)

“I heard Wendy say she won’t be watching me on the new show, and that’s okay,” Shepherd said. “You know, I get it. I’m not mad at Wendy. She’s going through a lot. I would say everyone should pray for Wendy right now.”

Wendy Williams, pictured in 2019, went off the air in May 2020. (Photo: Lars Niki/Getty Images for New York Women in Film & Television)

Wendy Williams, pictured in 2019, went off the air in May 2020. (Photo: Lars Niki/Getty Images for New York Women in Film & Television)

As revealed in February, Sherri will be broadcast in the time slots that previously belonged to The Wendy Williams Show in TV markets, and the popular program is ending after Shepherd and others replaced Williams all of last season. Williams had taken what was supposed to be a hiatus from her show in July 2021, amid health issues including Graves’ disease, but has since revealed her financial assets have been frozen. His former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, claimed the TV star was “unsound of mind” and needed conservatorship, according to court documents. Williams, however, strenuously denied it. Last week, she made a rare public appearance at the Met Gala afterparty.

“I’m very worried,” Shepherd said in the new video. “I’m really, really worried about her, because I feel like there’s no one there to protect her. And it’s really difficult when there’s no protection around. you, and you just have people hanging on. So, uh, yeah. But I’m not mad at Wendy for not watching my show.”

When someone asked Shepherd if she thought Williams was just bitter, Shepherd said no.

“Wendy isn’t bitter, at least not about me,” Shepherd replied. “There’s a lot going on in his life right now.”

Williams had said she loved Shepherd, but she knows “what she’s going to do, and that’s really not my thing.”

In his response, Shepherd noted that the two have never “run in the same circles” as Shepherd lives in Los Angeles, while Williams is a New Yorker.

“There was a time, at the start of my career, ViewI used to play at Caroline’s [Comedy Club]. And Wendy had a comedy night at Caroline’s house, and I would. And we were very friendly. But sometimes things don’t go well, as far as friendships go.”

Shepherd pointed out that Williams had been very honest on her show preferring not to befriend celebrities.

“She was saying she really wasn’t trying to be friends with people because it would be hard to talk about it,” Shepherd said. “So maybe that was one of the reasons we never had a friendship.”

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