He’s done his best for the past few years not to talk about his time with Kim Kardashian, but after the recent controversy involving a second sex tape, Ray J is sharing his side of the truth. The Kardashians The series took over Hulu and on it we see Kim having an emotional moment when she allegedly received a copy of another sex tape of her and Ray J delivered by the ex-husband Kanye West.

Ray showed up to refute claims that he had been sitting on the tape all those years and handed it over to West. He called it “fake” and said it was a “lie”, and in a recent interview with daily mail, Ray J explained why he and Kim cut ties.

Ray J, Kim Kardashian
Mark Sullivan/Contributor/Getty Images

“Other than them stealing money from my family, we would probably still be together now,” he said. “But when it happened, I said I didn’t want to sleep with you anymore – you stole money from my family. That’s why we stopped talking.”

The mogul is referring to a lawsuit filed by R&B icon Brandy Norwood, Ray J’s sister, in 2008. Kim worked for Brandy as a stylist, and the job allegedly required her to have access to the credit card from Brandy. The Norwoods accused Kim, along with her siblings Khloé Kardashian and Rob Kardashian Jr., of shopping at Dash and Smooch, two family-owned retail stores. The amount is over $120,000.

The matter would later be settled out of court and the details were kept under wraps, and neither the Norwoods nor the Kardashians have made a statement about what happened. However, it appears to be the nail in Ray J’s coffin and kept him at bay.