How diesel shortages are fueling inflation

Diesel fuel prices have reached record highs, adding to already record inflation in the United States. But most Americans don’t drive diesel-powered cars, and many have turned to electric vehicles (EVs) to avoid the ever-increasing pain at the pump. So how would diesel supply shortages – and the resulting exorbitant prices – affect you or … Read more

Tach Pollard’s wooden figures with elongated, curved bodies are rooted in myth and lore

Crafts #mythology #sculpture #wood All images courtesy of Tach Pollard Oxford-based artist Tach Pollard (previously) allows the sinuous shapes of hawthorn or oak branches to guide the shapes of his fantastical figures. The lanky creatures stand on long limbs with hunched shoulders and curved backs, characteristics determined by the original curve of the wood. Based … Read more

Crucial NATO decisions expected in Finland and Sweden this week

STOCKHOLM (AP) — To join or not to join? The question of NATO arises this week in Finland and Sweden where Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shattered the long-held belief that staying out of the military alliance was the best way to stay out of trouble with their giant neighbor. If the Finnish President and the … Read more

MELT shows the weird side of the design scene in New York

An exhibition curated by online gallery Adorno and Brooklyn-based HNH Gallery has opened in New York, bringing with it a range of experimental designs that push the boundaries of what furniture is meant to be. Dubbed MELT, the show is filled with design pieces that embrace an expressive, expressionist aesthetic, which has largely emerged from … Read more

Roland’s new Aira Compact line puts TR drums, 303 bass lines and Juno synth sounds in your pocket

Roland’s Aira line of instruments expands once again with the launch of three ‘compact’ instruments that build on the company’s rich heritage: the T-8 Beat Machine; J-6 chord synthesizer; and E-4 Voice Tweaker. It can be difficult to determine what distinguishes an Aira product from a standard Roland product – the Aira microsite, for example, … Read more

Hong Kong’s John Lee ‘untested’ in areas other than security: consultant

Hong Kong’s new chief executive, John Lee, has focused on security throughout his career and is largely “untested” in other areas, according to the CEO of a consultancy firm. “He’s a blank sheet of paper for most people in the community. That gives him flexibility, I think,” said David Dodwell of Strategic Access. “But that … Read more

Queen’s Speech LIVE – Colossal moment as her Maj’s health makes Prince Charles the 1st heir in 212 years to open parliament

Inside Queen’s ‘passionate’ relationship with her grandchildren To everyone around her, she is “Your Majesty” or “Madame”, but to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the Queen is simply: “Gan-gan”. And Queen Elizabeth is loving the moniker, taking on her role – which sees her delighted in choosing gifts for her 12 great-grandchildren, teaching … Read more