Mark Jenkins’ Bizarre Installations and Figurative Sculptures Challenge Notions of Reality


#humor #installation #public art #sculpture

All images © Mark Jenkins, shared with permission

“I think my art is at its best when guided by the subconscious,” says Mark Jenkins. Moving from the witty and absurd to the disorienting and bizarre, Jenkins’ work confronts perceptions of reality through the surreal: a life-size figure scales an upside-down fire escape, limp legs dangle from a dumpster and a piece of toast spurts out of a manhole.

Whether installed in alleys and urban areas or in the austere white space of a gallery, Jenkins’ sculptures are theatrical and defy logic, and each piece imitates “life to the point where it becomes real, for me,” he shares. “Creating an alternate reality was the solution for my sanity. I find reality a bit depressing with death and all, politics, war, celebrities etc. and all the stars being so far away that we don’t we can never really know the universe.

Jenkins is currently working in Los Angeles and will soon travel to Le Havre, France for his next project. You can follow his practice and explore an extensive archive of his sculptures on his website and Instagram.

#humor #installation #public art #sculpture

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