Fran Drescher thinks her cancer and her rape are linked

Fran Drescher believes the stress and trauma of the rape were factors that led to her cancer diagnosis 15 years later.

The actress – who was raped at gunpoint during a 1985 home invasion – told Page Six she believes her weakened immune system from not processing the rape was one of why she ended up with cancer in 2000.

“I went through trauma as a rape victim and for years I didn’t really understand how it affected me emotionally, I just got on with my life,” she told Us during of the book launch “N is for The Nanny” on Thursday.

“I think it’s, you know, no coincidence that I didn’t face rape and ended up with gynecological cancer.”

Drescher – who was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000 and underwent an immediate radical hysterectomy after two years of misdiagnoses by a host of doctors – also told us she believes toxic exposure was also a part of his cancer.

“Americans are in a revolving door of toxic exposure, chronic disease and addiction,” she told us, adding that we need to “break the chains” and “really start looking at what’s weakening our immune systems.” , why our body reacts in a way that is a chronic disease.

Proceeds from “N is for Nanny” go to Drescher’s nonprofit.

The whole ordeal led the 65-year-old ‘The Nanny’ star to start Cancer Schmancer in 2007, a nonprofit dedicated to women’s cancers.

She told us that her “passion” and “life mission” is “to try to move the American public, and the world for that matter, away from trying to fix and end the symptoms, to pivot and ask, “What are we doing in our lives that is making us so sick in the first place? »

Fran Drescher and Charles Shaugnessy in
Drescher starred in “The Nanny” for six seasons.
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And one of those things is his belief that “we all need to get out of the chemical industry.”

She told us that people need to go back to when ingredients were grown “in your grandmother’s garden”.

“Strong smelling things, wrinkle-free fabrics, factory-farmed foods, chemical-filled personal care items.”

All proceeds from “N is for the Nanny” go to Cancer Schmancer.

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