Evan Rachel Wood wrote himself a letter for Mother’s Day

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

I’m not a mom or a babysitter, but I’ve heard babysitters rarely get what they want on Mother’s Day. I mean, a macaroni necklace is nice and all, but doesn’t exactly send a “thank you for giving life and raising me” message. Are you tired of receiving lackluster gifts from your children? Evan Rachel Wood has a solution: give yourself a Mother’s Day gift instead.

On this Mother’s Day, the actor decided to take care of himself and love himself by writing “a letter of gratitude” on Instagram. “I am a queer, single, working mom, survivor and [it’s] normal that I constantly feel judged,” she wrote in a post on Sunday, alongside a photo of herself with a bouquet of flowers. “I don’t get comments or ‘thanks’.” Wood, who shares an eight-year-old son with her ex Jamie Bell, wrote that she relies mostly on herself, with the help of her own mother “who helps me when she can. Reflecting on the last 9 years, she called motherhood “the hardest thing I’ve ever done and will ever do, but it’s also saved my life and taught me more than I could have ever imagined.” And since she can’t rely on anyone else to write her a Mother’s Day card, she did it herself.

“Thank you for always fighting and standing up for them. Thank you for doing the least harm to them, even if it breaks your heart. Thank you for teaching them music,” she wrote. “Thank you for teaching them to be responsible. Thank you for always working on yourself so that they don’t inherit all your demons. Thank you for being a model of resilience and self-care. Thank you for showing them how to stand up for others. Thank you for protecting them. Thank you for loving them. I know you will always be there no matter what. You love unconditionally. You are a good mom and you have come a long way. She concluded: “I am so proud of you. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Evan Rachel Wood actually said she would write an ode to herself for Mother’s Day, and it would be better than all the cards you wrote to your mom or your babysitter. Maximum mom behavior.

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