Denise Richards and her daughter Sami reunite on Mother’s Day

Sami Sheen poses for a photo with her mother, Denise Richards.  (Picture: Instagram)

Sami Sheen poses for a photo with her mother, Denise Richards. (Picture: Instagram)

Denise Richards had been separated from her eldest daughter with Charlie Sheen, Sami, but they reconnected in time for Mother’s Day.

The 18-year-old shared some pictures of herself with her mother outside Italian restaurant Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, along with a sweet message. “Happy Mother’s Day!!” Sami wrote. “I love you so much mom. You have no idea how grateful I am to have you in my life.”

Richards replied, “Thank you Sami for an amazing Mother’s Day. It means a lot to me.”

the love in fact The actress also mentioned her own late mother, Joni, who died of cancer in November 2007.

“I know grandma was having dinner with us, she would never miss one of her favorite restaurants,” Richards wrote. “Thank you and I love you so much.”

The mother and daughter duo are much better off than last year, when Sami posted on TikTok that she had ‘finally left the hell house’ which she says was ‘abusive’ and took her made “incredibly depressed”, before making the private messages. She moved in with her father, who said she would take the GED.

As recently as February, Richards said her relationship with Sami remains in a tough place.

“Honestly, I have a strained relationship with her,” she told host Jeff Lewis on SiriusXM. Jeff Lewis Live. “It’s very difficult. I know we’ll eventually get back to where we were, but right now it’s tense.”

At the time, Sami was living with Sheen, although Richards said she would take Sami into her home.

“But I think it’s very difficult to raise teenagers now and especially in LA when there’s access to everything. We didn’t grow up with Postmates and Uber where you have everything you want,” said said Richards. “There are certain rules and I apply them. And [at Sheen’s]there are different rules in this house and that’s fine.” She added that she didn’t agree with everything Sheen did.

Then, in March, Richards wrote a loving birthday message to Sami.

“I love you unconditionally,” Richards wrote in part, “and am so blessed and grateful to be your mother.”

Richards also shares 16-year-old daughter Lola with Sheen, whom she married in June 2002 and filed for divorce from in March 2005. She adopted daughter Eloise, who turns 11 this month, in 2011, and the student with Aaron Phypers, her husband since September 2018.

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