What is crypto currency

If you’ve been in the digital space for more than a couple of years now, you’ve no doubt heard of cryptocurrency, or maybe even Bitcoin. The question is what is crypto currency? A crypto currency is a digital currency that utilizes various cryptography techniques in order to secure transactions, verify balances and control of the … Read more

Palantir, like hundreds of startups designed to lose money and bamboozle investors, lacks bamboozle: -84% from high

Those who believed in the hype and hype and didn’t get out in time were swept away. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. Palantir Technologies, which went public in September 2020 via a direct listing amid massive hype and hype, has now earned a coveted spot in my Implosed Stocks column. Today, Palantir reported another … Read more

How diesel shortages are fueling inflation

Diesel fuel prices have reached record highs, adding to already record inflation in the United States. But most Americans don’t drive diesel-powered cars, and many have turned to electric vehicles (EVs) to avoid the ever-increasing pain at the pump. So how would diesel supply shortages – and the resulting exorbitant prices – affect you or … Read more

US companies in China cut revenue forecasts and investment plans

Truck drivers, like the one pictured here in Shanghai in late April, generally must present valid negative virus tests in order to move goods between cities in China. The American Chamber of Commerce in China said members reported varying implementation of Covid controls by city and province. CGV | Visual Group China | Getty Images … Read more

How will inflation end? -Washington Times

OPINION: The good news is that inflation will stop. The bad news is that, given who makes economic policy, it is more likely to end badly than well. The right way to end inflation is to reduce the rate of government spending so that it grows at a slower rate than economic growth. The result … Read more