Uncanny valley: welcome to the era of “ultra-realistic” robot art

On October 25, 2018, a painting of a fictional man named Edmond de Belamy sold for $432,500 at Christie’s, well above its high estimate of $10,000. “Here is the future,” the auctioneer said as he unveiled the blurry, off-center portrait. Why? Because it had been “painted” by a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) formed on a … Read more

Vibrant textiles and repurposed glasses camouflage the subjects of Thandiwe Muriu’s festive portrait

Photography #fabric #identity #Kenya #patterns #portraits #textiles All images © Thandiwe Muriu, shared with permission From chunky hair beads and rollers to sink strainers and brake pedals, Nairobi-based photographer Thandiwe Muriu (previously) finds fashionable use for ordinary objects. Worn like glasses that mask a subject’s identity, the repurposed objects add a cultural touch to Muriu’s … Read more

Tach Pollard’s wooden figures with elongated, curved bodies are rooted in myth and lore

Crafts #mythology #sculpture #wood All images courtesy of Tach Pollard Oxford-based artist Tach Pollard (previously) allows the sinuous shapes of hawthorn or oak branches to guide the shapes of his fantastical figures. The lanky creatures stand on long limbs with hunched shoulders and curved backs, characteristics determined by the original curve of the wood. Based … Read more

MELT shows the weird side of the design scene in New York

An exhibition curated by online gallery Adorno and Brooklyn-based HNH Gallery has opened in New York, bringing with it a range of experimental designs that push the boundaries of what furniture is meant to be. Dubbed MELT, the show is filled with design pieces that embrace an expressive, expressionist aesthetic, which has largely emerged from … Read more

Mark Jenkins’ Bizarre Installations and Figurative Sculptures Challenge Notions of Reality

Art #humor #installation #public art #sculpture All images © Mark Jenkins, shared with permission “I think my art is at its best when guided by the subconscious,” says Mark Jenkins. Moving from the witty and absurd to the disorienting and bizarre, Jenkins’ work confronts perceptions of reality through the surreal: a life-size figure scales an … Read more

Anthony Anderson graduates from Howard University’s Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts | News

Anthony Anderson has officially crossed the Howard University stage! Graduating from the illustrious HBCU on Saturday May 7 in Washington DC, the former Blackish The actor celebrated his college accomplishment with an Instagram post to share with his 1.8 million followers that his graduation was not just a “full circle moment” but “30 years of … Read more

What sold at New York Art Week 2022

Painting and sculpture may have dominated much of the weekend, but new approaches and practices could still be found. At NADA, the kind of digital artwork that was so conspicuously absent from other fairs was on display in booths like the one at the Denny Dimin Gallery, which featured computers playing it is video game/video … Read more