The Challenge

  • To do the vehicle Graphics For Karnataka State Police
  • Karnataka State Police introducing Highway Patrol vehicle. Objective is to ensure accident-free journey on highway’
  • For this all-in-one sophisticated vehicles for highway patrolling we had the challenge to come up with the sleek designs.
  • The department has procured the vehicles, fitted with latest gadgets
  • These hi-tech vehicles to ensure responsible driving and accident-free journey on national and State highways


ReelSlug’s Efforts

ReelSlug took effort in designing Vehicle Graphics For Karnataka State Police.

Emphasising “HIGHWAY”
We have conceptualised the design in line with the brand identity of “Bengaluru Police Dept” colors.
Given more prominence for “RED and BLUE” because it has longer wavelengths and is visible at any low lights.


The Design Theory


The Ribbon Theory 

  • The ribbon says “you got covered”, “we are here to help you’, “we got an eye on you’
  • The ribbon also is a “HighWay”
  • The ribbon also tells we are the protectors of this “HighWay”
  • And we are all around under any circumstances to help you, to protect the law.

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