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Have you ever been blown off digging deep into the logo of the brand? Or astonished hearing the brand spending dollars on a logo? It is very important to understand the importance of brand identity for a brand in the market.  Brand identity is the perception imparted to the target audience about the brand its product or services. Brand identity is a large space cluttered with logos, colors, fonts, taglines and symbols, this space when used creatively forms the turning point of your brand. Brand identity consists of intangibles such as thinking, feelings and expectations. It’s a podium which helps the brand to stand proudly with your head held high leaving behind competitors; it adds in spreading brand awareness with assured success, represents the brand promise in the most effective manner, establishing synergy throughout all communication methods and generates active buyers.

We help the brand build strong brand identity which leads to high brand loyalty and trust, brand preference, high credibility and good financial returns. Bangalore advanced urology, a complete solution for urological problems, came to us to build them a strong brand identity inclusive of logo, web design, page layouts and other identities. We fueled our brains for generation of ideas. The brand was studied along with the services it had to offer. Thus we developed a logo composed of male, female and transgender signs with two kidneys in the centre signifying the brand being a complete solution for urological problems for everyone irrespective of their gender, addition of emotion i.e. a blue hue was added which showcased trust and confidence. Once the strong logo was developed we changed our tracks towards website design, a simply interactive and informative website for the brand.  We came up with a simple user friendly web design that would let the target customers find the information and services they are looking for readily available. Brand identity sets the timer to the success of your brand hence well-defined brand identity helps a brand face lift itself in the market.

The demands of the customers fluctuates and such fluctuations leads to trends, we are mavericks who keep your pace of your brand identity with the trend.


Sega Oman LLC


Sega wanted to create a brand with represent only tools, we brought the meaningful identity in “SegTools” logo as well as the other designs.

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